Computational Modeling of Multiaxial Overloads

Doctoral and postdoctoral

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Studying PhD of Computational Modeling of Multiaxial Overloads at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom:


Engineering is gradually changing due to advances in information, computing, and experiments. Evaluation of the mechanical response under multiple loading conditions determines the competence of critical components. Certification procedures require the survival of components in the actual condition during operation, which can bring together various degradation mechanisms. However, most methods of damage prognosis do not have strategies for integrating damage mechanisms and therefore each mechanism must be evaluated separately. This course enhances virtual testing capabilities through the development of predictive computational methods which quantify crack responses after multiaxial overloads.

Students will enjoy a professional, focused, and dynamic environment and will become part of the Cranfield Doctoral Network. The network is made up of research staff and students and provides a platform for researchers to collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment and share their ideas. The purpose of forming the network is to encourage a dynamic and effective research culture based on knowledge and diversity of activities. The transferable skills curriculum, along with a dedicated program of events and seminars, provides students with the opportunity to network and gain social opportunities.

Students will be based at TES center. The center is among the global leaders in through-life approaches for asset management, damage tolerance, condition monitoring, and high value systems. TES has received a grant of £ 11 million from the EPSRC in order to address the research problems and to develop the excellence of research.

As an exclusively postgraduate University, Cranfield takes learning to new heights in technology and management with the goal of creating world-class leaders. It awards over 5% of the UK’s Engineering and Technology PhDs every year. 81% of its research is classed as world-leading. Manufacturing is one of Cranfield University’s eight core disciplines, combining a multidisciplinary approach that includes design, technology, and management expertise. Basic materials research is linked to manufacturing to improve the scientific basis of manufacturing research and develop new technologies.


Admission requirements of doctoral degree in Computational Modeling of Multiaxial Overloads:

Applicants need a first or second class honours degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field (such as mathematics, computer science, or engineering). They are expected to be interested in industrial research, have excellent communication skills, and be self-motivated.


The course offers a bursary of £20,000 per year plus UK tuition fees for eligible UK, US and EU applicants.


Language requirements of doctoral degree in Computational Modeling of Multiaxial Overloads:

To study the course, students must demonstrate their ability to communicate in English. They can apply for one of the Cranfield’s EAP courses, if they do not meet expectations of the English language arrival. The expiration date for the exams is only two years of the course start date. Combination of scores in two or more tests is not accepted, all elements of test results must be shown in one test. All test scores are checked with test providers. Applicants must have at least IELTS 7 (5.5 in all skill components), TOEFL IBT 100 (reading at least 18, listening at least 17, writing at least 17, speaking at least 20), Pearson PTE 68 (59 in all skill components), Cambridge Assessment English 190 (160 in all skill components), overall pass in Trinity College London, or overall pass in Language Cert (33 in all skill components).


Other living expenses needed for studying doctoral degree in Computational Modeling of Multiaxial Overloads:

Single student:

  • Accommodation: £500-£1000/Month
  • Food: £260-£325/Month
  • Travel: £40-£50/Month
  • General expenses*: £150-£200/Month


Couples and families:


  • Couple: £2,500
  • Couple with one child: £2,700
  • Couple with two children: £3,000
  • Couple with three children: £3,200


Additional guidance:

  • Food: £70-£80/weakly per one person


  • Clothing and laundry

Weekly launderette for one person: £5-£8

Winter clothing estimate for one person: £350-£450


  • Television: £159/year


University Deadlines:

25 Apr 2022

Start date: 01 Sep 2022


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The School of Water, Energy and Environment, the School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, and the School of Management are located on the Cranfield Campus, as well as many industrial-scale facilities for research.
There are many facilities on Cranfield Campus, including: student accommodation options, two hotels with full accommodation and conference and banqueting facilities, sports and recreation facilities, and a private airport. Cranfield Campus sports facilities include several tennis courts sports pitches, playing fields, an aerobics stadium, and a fitness center.
Students admitted to a full-time course can apply for on-campus accommodation. They will also be able to find private housing off campus in nearby areas. Cranfield Campus has 1,466 single rooms, 75 studio apartments for couples, and 97 family homes including two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom houses. All dormitories have Wi-Fi internet connection. All students will benefit from Endsleigh insurance, which covers the risks that may occur while living in student accommodation.
Cranfield University provides many opportunities for students to participate in a various range of societies and clubs, such as the Musicians Society, Astronomical Society, and Basketball Club. The Cranfield Student Association is managed by a team of selected students. It is also supported by a small team of staff. Its purpose is to promote student welfare and to organize cultural, social, and sporting activities.
Cranfield has a wealthy collection of library resources and services to support students’ academic work. This collection has nearly 200 academic and leading commercial databases which provide access to in-depth application topics and current information related to the subject under study. It also has more than 22,000 e-journals, as well as core collections of reports, magazines, books, and a range of current awareness services.
Cranfield provides support, services and systems, whether industry-leading software and high-performance computing capabilities or network access. It offers a high-speed, wireless network to provide students with the opportunity to access a wealth of online services. Cranfield IT services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on and off campus, and gives students access anytime, anywhere.

After Graduation

Students will benefit from Cranfield Career Development Services, which have a variety of aspects and functions, from providing 1: 1 coaching to connecting with employers. Students will have access to some key resources before entering the university to prepare their resume for the recruitment season. Upon arrival they will be able to join workshops to create their own professional profile and start applying for vacancies. During the year, Cranfield organizes events, careers fairs, and client presentations to present job opportunities and networking, where students attend interviews and negotiate proposals.
From 1 July 2021, the British Government has launched a new route for international graduates to increase their employment opportunities in the UK. This route welcomes all international students who have successfully completed their course at Cranfield. This visa allows MSc graduates for two years and doctoral graduates for three years to work or search in any position or job they wish and it can be converted to a skilled work visa after finding a job in


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Computational Modeling of Multiaxial Overloads

Mechanical, Manufacturing, Robotic engineering

Doctoral and postdoctoral

Cranfield University

United Kingdom

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