BSc (Hons) in Therapeutic Radiography and Oncology

3-Year Bachelor's Degree

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Course overview

Our Therapeutic Radiography and Oncology programme allows students the traditional academic and clinical learning opportunities to develop into competent and resilient radiographers, equipped with the necessary skills to flourish in a wide array of professional environments.


With an integrated case based approach enabling you to study all aspects of the radiotherapy patient pathway, through connecting your academic lectures, clinical placement experience and clinical simulation.

This programme aims to produce competent, reflective, research active, caring, safe, proactive and progressive Therapeutic Radiographers, through an innovative and authentic teaching and assessment strategy encompassing real world radiotherapy research and radiotherapy clinical simulation.

Programme in detail

The programme has been designed using a case based approach, this means that a cancer patient case will bring to life the radiotherapy patient journey and provide a framework to connect content delivered. The programme content is organised into four key themes:

  • Radiotherapy physics, technology and radiobiology
  • Radiation oncology and patient care
  • Preparation for practice and professionalism
  • Research methods in radiotherapy.

You will study a range of profession specific modules, engage in interprofessional learning through activities with fellow allied health professional students in the School of Health Sciences and attend clinical placement during academic terms. The clinical placements increase in length from year one through to year three. All placements are arranged in a variety of Radiotherapy Cancer Centres and there is an opportunity to spend an elective period in a radiotherapy department of your choice.


  • Research gathering techniques
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self-directed learning techniques
  • Patient care
  • Physics, radiobiology and technology skills relating to Radiotherapy


Careers and employability

With an ageing population and improved cancer detection techniques, there is a high demand for suitably qualified healthcare professionals to support cancer patients.

As a therapeutic radiography graduate, you’re qualified for a career in one of the most rewarding and stimulating health professions, and eligible to apply for statutory registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and to become a member of the Society of Radiographers.

You will also have gained a qualification that meets the Government’s criteria for ‘fitness for purpose’ and ‘fitness for practice’. This programme has an excellent record of graduate employment within the NHS as a consequence; our graduates are well respected and valued in the UK and internationally.




Tuition fees cover the cost of your teaching and assessment, operating facilities such as libraries, IT equipment, and access to academic and personal support. 

UK fees
Full-time place, per year £9,250
Year in industry fee £1,850
Year abroad fee £1,385
International fees
Full-time place, per year £24,200

Fees stated are for the 2022-23 academic year and may rise for 2023-24.


Entry requirements

The qualifications and exam results you’ll need to apply for this course.

NHS Values will be assessed in all areas of an application including UCAS Personal Statement and at interview.


A levels

A2 Level at BBB from three A2 Levels with at least one Science subject.

Applied Science will only be considered when accompanied by another Science A-Level, not Applied.

Higher grades may be required from resit students.

You may automatically qualify for reduced entry requirements through our contextual offers scheme.

GCSE 5 GCSEs at Grades A* – C which must include English Language, Mathematics and Science. Where numerical grading is introduced these subject me be offered at a minimum of Grade 5. English Language, Biology/Human Biology, Mathematics or Physics MUST be offered at Grade C. (Science Dual Award is acceptable). Applied GCSEs will not be considered.
Subject requirements

For applicants from England: Where a science has been taken at A level (Chemistry, Biology or Physics), a pass in the Science practical of each subject will be required.

BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma

BTEC nationals are considered in addition to 5 GCSEs grades A* – C, which must include English Language, Maths and a Science. Where numerical grading has been introduced, English Language, Maths and a Science will be required at Grade 5 or above. Please note that Science dual award is acceptable but Core Science and Applied GCSEs will not be considered.

We will accept one BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate at a minimum of Distinction. This must be accompanied by two A2 at Grade B, of which one subject should include Biology/Human Biology, Physics, Maths or Chemistry. Three separate subjects must be taken between the two qualifications.

BTEC National Diploma in Health and Social Care or Applied Science/ Medical Science graded at DD will be accepted. This must be accompanied by one A Level at grade B. In total, between the two qualifications; two separate subjects must be taken.

BTEC National Extended Diploma (180 credits) in Health and Social Care or Applied Science/Medical Science at DDD. The student is required to achieve 120 credits out of 180 at Distinction by the end of their second year. The BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma and National Diploma must be the 2016 specification. We do not accept the BTEC Nationals (2010, QCF).

International Baccalaureate

Applicants should normally present with 30 points including 3 Higher Level subjects at minimum Grade 5.

Higher Level subjects must include Mathematics and Biology or Physics.

European Baccalaureate 74% overall with a minimum mark of 8 in Biology and no other subject less than a 6.
Irish Leaving Certificate 2 subjects at H2 or above to include a science subject (Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry) and 4 subjects at H3 or above to include a further science subject and/or Maths.
Scottish Higher/Advanced Higher

Scottish Certificate of Education

Advanced Higher/Higher Level
Accepted in addition to five national 5’s graded upper A –C, which must include English Language, Mathematics and a Science subject. A minimum of five B’s from any combination of Advanced Higher/Higher Level. Consideration will only be given to Advanced Highers in different subjects to those of Highers level subjects offered.

Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Not accepted
Cambridge Pre-U Diploma Will be considered
Graduate application

We welcome applications from graduates holding a minimum of a 2:2 classification. If your degree is not in a Science related subject please contact the admission unit for further information. If it is 5 years or more since you last studied you may be advised to study an A level in Biology / Human Biology. The degree qualification should be supported by a strong academic background, with a minimum of 5 GCSEs A* – C to include English Language, Mathematics and a Science subject.

Access Essential: 45 credits at Level 3 (all should be new learning, ie. GCSE awards cannot be APL’d against the Diploma). 30 credits passed at distinction (which must include a minimum of 15 credits in modules relating to Biology, Maths and Physics). The remaining 15 credits must be passed at merit or higher. 5 GCSE subjects graded A*-C and must include: English Language, Mathematics and Science
Academic Reference

An academic reference must be included within the UCAS application. If the applicant is a graduate and has been working since graduating (within three years), an employer reference is acceptable.

Profession-specific knowledge and skills required

The UCAS Personal Statement, must demonstrate an understanding of the Therapeutic Radiography & Oncology role.  Applicants should also consider visiting a Diagnostic Radiography Department to give them an awareness of the differences between the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiography professions. Applicants should have an appreciation of the demands of the programme and a realistic understanding of what is required when on clinical placement.

Having experience of working with the general public, children, the elderly or people with disabilities, in a paid or voluntary capacity will strengthen an application.

Declaration of criminal background

You will understand that as a health sciences student, and when you qualify, you will be asked to treat children and other vulnerable people. We therefore need information about any criminal offences of which you may have been convicted, or with which you have been charged. The information you provide may later be checked with the police.

If selected for interview you will be provided with the appropriate form to complete.

Health screening

The University and the School of Health Sciences has an obligation to undertake health screening on all prospective healthcare students. Any offer of a place to study is conditional on completion of a health questionnaire and a satisfactory assessment of fitness to train from the University’s Occupational Health Service. This will include some obligatory immunisations and blood tests.

International qualifications

Many countries have a different education system to that of the UK, meaning your qualifications may not meet our entry requirements.



Key dates

  • Apply by: 26 January 2022
  • International deadline: 30 June 2022
  • Starts: 26 September 2022


  • Apply by: 25 January 2023
  • International deadline: 30 June 2023
  • Starts: 25 September 2023


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Expenses (GBP)

Tuition (per year)



Application Fee



Program expenses

University & General Expenses


Minimum Level of Education
Min GPA (max=100)




This university offers accommodation to all the international students and has over 4,500 rooms in the city campus or the Greenbank Student Village, also the students can benefit from a living in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment with excellent full-time support from the University of Liverpool staff in dormitories and student halls, however, the applicants must apply for accommodation as soon as possible at the time of application, even before starting the classes because the students can get a great room based on a first-come, first-served basis, also the students can use complete facilities like desk, bed, shower, wifi, kitchen, and so on in all the Liverpool campus halls like the Crown place, Dover Court, Melville Grove, Vine Court, and so on.

After Graduation

The students are allowed to work while studying at this university, but the hours depend on their mode of education, and the free time that they have per week, also the international applicants’ work permit depends on their visas, therefore, they can check their visas to find out if they are allowed to work in this country, furthermore, the students received their visas from outside the UK, their visas should have “work must be authorized” or any other phrase meaning the same thing, also the applicants who extend their visas in the UK and have an ID card must be able to see “Restricted Work P/T term time. F/T vacations” on their renewed permit.
Overall, the full-time students can work for up to 20 hours per week, however, the University of Liverpool recommends that the students work for at most 15 hours per week and focus on their studies to get better results at this university, also the students can work full-time during their university vacation time to save money for their study and living expenses in the future, moreover, if the students get good results in their studies, they can get a scholarship or fund to help them pay for their tuition fee, furthermore, the students can find a proper and related job by using the local newspapers, website, or the careers and employment service website of the University of Liverpool.


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BSc (Hons) in Therapeutic Radiography and Oncology


3-Year Bachelor's Degree

University of Liverpool

United Kingdom

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One of our very suitable solutions for applicants is to provide free visa services to study in this field from a pleasant country. If you need to receive free visa services, let us know your request




Application Fee



Minimum Level of Education
Min GPA (max=100)