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Postgraduate Certificate / Master's Degree

The total service fee for this program:

€ 299

Pre payment for this program:

€ 99

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Studying at Scottish PGCE program at the university of Buckingham in England:

The Scottish PGCE is recognised by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) and upon successful completion of the programme, students will be eligible to apply for provisional registration with the GTCS. Full registration will be awarded once the teacher has successfully completed the GTCS probationary period.


Necessary information:

Duration: 37 Weeks

Degree awarded by: The university of Buckingham in England

Admission criteria: bachelor’s degree

Language of instruction: English

Tuition fee for the full program: 6500

non-refundable Registration Fee: 275

Application fee: 0

Currency: pound

Type: full-time

Format: online



  • Module 1: Educational Principles –The Fundamentals of Teaching and Learning (15 credits)
  • Module 2: Development of Effective Practice (15 credits)
  • Module 3: Consolidating and Reflection (10 credits)
  • Module 4: Professional Practice (20 credits)


Career opportunity:

This program helps students advance their careers.


Application Requirements:

All candidates require

  • A UK Bachelor’s Degree (minimum 2:2). Certificate and transcript are required.
  • National Qualifications in English at SCQF Level 6 (for example Higher Grade) or an accepted equivalent.
  • National Qualifications in Mathematics at SCQF Level 5 (for example National 5) or an accepted equivalent.
  • For Non-UK qualifications, a statement of Comparability will be required from UK ENIC, together with a certified translation of the degree transcript.
  • To be employed in a school in Scotland.
  • To demonstrate competency in Digital Technology skills

For Primary candidates

  • Content of degree must provide a good basis for becoming a Primary teacher. They will look for evidence of study of English and maths, as well as two of the following areas: science, social studies, expressive arts, religious studies, modern foreign languages, technology. The school will consider A level study as well as content of degree.
  • General Primary applicants – must be teaching the core subjects of English, maths and science for a minimum of 10 hours per week.
  • In addressing the Scottish Government Languages Working Group report Language Learning in Scotland A 1+2 Approach (2012) and the STEM Education and Training Strategy, GTC Scotland would encourage candidates to have at least one SQCF level 5 qualification in either a modern language and/or a science subject.

For Secondary candidates

  • Degree must be in a related subject with a minimum of 80 SCQF credit points directly related to the subject specialism.
  • Secondary applicants – must be teaching their specialism for a minimum of 10 hours per week.
  • If applying for the Secondary programme as a teacher of Dance, PE, Music – applicants will have to provide a copy of a digital portfolio prior to an interview that demonstrates related skills. Further information can be provided by the University Admissions team.
  • If applying for the Secondary programme as a teacher of MFL, candidates must have spent a minimum of 6 months living abroad in the relevant country (e.g. as part of a study abroad programme) and will be expected to demonstrate their language skills at interview. If applying to teach two languages, the requirement is that candidates will have lived abroad for at least 3 months in each country.

Applicants will be required to attend an interview with a member of the academic team.  At interview applicants will need to demonstrate that they are:

  • Committed to professional values
  • Reflective and innovative
  • Self-directed, resilient and have high levels of self-efficacy
  • Willing to reflect on the impact of their teaching on every learner and are committed to supporting those learners with additional
  • Wanting to support needs such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Tourette syndrome.
  • Can develop appropriate subject and pedagogical content knowledge, and have the capability to become experts in pedagogy
  • Can develop an awareness of how the study of Scottish culture can be developed within the curriculum
  • Can understand the principles of assessment and are able to use assessment to monitor and enhance learners’ progress
  • Will be committed to their own ongoing professional learning and can engage with and are informed by educational research and policy
  • Have an awareness of educational provision across Scotland, including the particular requirements of rural schools
  • Have some awareness of education’s links to other fields and are committed to working with other professionals within and beyond education.

You will need to supply:

  • copy of your degree certificate and transcript
  • copy of English, Maths and Science SCQF/GCSE (or equivalent) certificates
  • copy of Statement of Comparability for non-UK qualifications
  • copy of passport photo page (and visa/work permit where necessary)
  • head and shoulder style photo for your University identity card

English language requirements:

The university offers English foundation courses which are designed to prepare you for university study. Successful completion of these allows progression to various degrees at The University of Buckingham if the relevant academic requirements have been met.

The IELTS and TOEFL standard of English Language levels listed below are applicable to all postgraduate courses:

Language certificate Overall score
TOEFL (iBT) 79
Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) 59-65
Skills for English B2 Pass with Merit
WAEC Minimum grade for entry is C4, B3, B2 and A1
Language Cert IESOL B2 Level Minimum score 38/50 per skill

Deadlines and intakes:

Available start dates: Sep 2023

Closing date for applications: 24 July 2023.


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Expenses (GBP)




Application Fee



Program expenses

accommodation security bond: 700
First term’s tuition fees and general bond: 300

University & General Expenses

Living cost: 10,000 / Yearly
Accommodation (including utilities): 7,500 / Yearly
Food: 1,200 / Yearly
Clothing: 400 / Yearly
Laundry: 200 / Yearly
Telephone: 400 / Yearly
Entertainment: 800 / Yearly
UK travel: 250 / Yearly
Books: 250 / Yearly


Minimum Level of Education
Min GPA (max=100)




Buckingham university offers accommodation to its students with free insurance, in fact, the best student insurance of the country. All the residences are equipped with necessary facilities like WiFi, heating, lighting, vacuum cleaners, Launderettes, wardrobe, shower, wash basin and WC, as well as kitchen necessities like microwaves, freezers, kettles and toasters. It is worth mentioning that the security in campus is extremely important to the staff. The 24-hour security ensures that.

The university offers different types of residences with different prices and different facilities and amenities. The Sunley House consists of 39 ensuite rooms and costs £170 a week. Norton’s Place, which includes 8 rooms, costs £205 a week and is suitable for couples. Hailsham House has 43 Premium ensuite, that cost £170 a week and 42 standard rooms, all of which cost £130 per week.

Hutber House includes 20 Standard rooms that cost £130 a week. Bishops Court holds 32 flats that cost between £130 to £140 a week, the price varies based on the level of the privacy of the rooms. Mitre Court consists of 22 Flats with standard rooms and cost £130 and 7 self-contained Flats that cost roughly £205 a week. Beloff House holds 66 Ensuites that cost up to £140 per week. The university offers many more accommodation options in different parts of the city with similar facilities and costs.

After Graduation

The Careers and Employability Service supports students as they prepare for the future. This includes:

  • exploring career and further study options
  • developing the professional skills and self-awareness that employers value
  • accessing employment, placements and work experience
  • preparing for success in a competitive graduate job market

Buckingham University offers one-to-one careers consultations, on-demand mock interviews, and an online hub of resources to support career preparation and job hunting. Its popular workshops run every term and it works closely with academic faculties to tailor these to students’ needs. Students also have the opportunity to interact with recruiters and professionals, including Buckingham alumni from around the world, at our guest speaker events.

This University typically offers a mix of both virtual and on-campus activities throughout the year, giving students, employers and guest speakers the flexibility to to engage remotely or in person.


اطلاعات مربوط به دانشگاه ها ، مدارس یا هر مؤسسه آموزشی ممکن است در هر زمان به هر دلیلی توسط مالکین آنها تغییر کند یا بروزرسانی شود و این ممکن است با اطلاعات وب سایت مغایرت ایجاد نماید. بدینوسیله اعلام میگردد اطلاعات موجود در این وب سایت بروزترین اطلاعات موجود بوده ولی به هر نحو ممکن است مغایرتهایی با سایت های اصلی مراکز و موسسات آموزشی داشته باشد. مسیولیت بررسی نهایی اطلاعات در هر مرحله بعهده کاربر می باشد

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1 ) If you want to check the admission conditions and programs of various universities, refer to the following link:

2 ) If you need help using our website, click on this link and watch the video guide :

3 ) You can also get a free consultation from our consultants by booking a free online consultation appointment.






Scottish PGCE


Postgraduate Certificate / Master's Degree

University of Buckingham

United Kingdom

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Application Fee



Minimum Level of Education
Min GPA (max=100)